Ongar Primary School

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Daily Procedures

At Ongar Primary we aim to provide a safe environment and as such have school protocols to ensure this.  We appreciate your cooperation in the safeguarding of our children.


At the beginning of the day children only enter via the appropriate gate and walk round to their classroom.  We ask that you provide your child with all their belongings before they reach the gate to avoid congestion.  Should you need to go to the school office please enter via the main gate. Any messages for class teachers should be given to the adult on duty or via the school office.


At the end of the school day, children are collected from their classroom door.  Children are dismissed to known adults.  If an unfamiliar adult is to collect your child, please inform the class teacher or school office prior to your child’s collection.


In Year 5 & 6 children are able to walk home with written parental consent.  Parent’s will need to give additional written consent for children to be allowed to walk home alone after clubs.  This is included on the reply slip for club attendance. Should you require your child from a younger year group to walk home alone we ask that you first arrange a meeting with the headteacher before providing written consent.


Children who walk home independently will not be permitted to collect younger siblings in other classes.